Sherwin-Williams’ Color Trends 2007

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I went to a seminar last week at the Boston Design Center that was sponsored by Sherwin-Williams Paint Company. The speaker was Mark Woodman “Color Ambassador” for Sherwin-Williams/Duron Paints & Wallcoverings and serves as a premier source for color forecasting. He has designed color palettes by working with leading conservators who researched color schemes used in residences and public buildings. Together, they developed historically accurate hues that are featured in color palettes such as George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate of Colors, Colors of Historic Charleston, and the Carolina Lowcountry Collection. He is a Chairholder with the Color Marketing Group, a premier non-profit association for color and design professionals where he actively facilitates color workshops and chair design sessions.

SW has published a palette of their new paint collections, with a general theme called “Stir Your Senses”. There is a wide variety of color/theme groupings, but I would say the overall feel is generally rich and subdued. Groupings include: “Balanced Living” which includes: Exclusive Plum SW6263 (purplish gray), Raindrop SW6485 (medium blue), Butter Up 6681 (yellow), Gallant Gold SW6391 (mustardy gold), Sapphire SW6963, Inland SW6452 (medium green), & Naval SW6244 (deep blue/black).This collection has the blues and greens that have been very popular in the last couple of years for their crisp coolness, but has deepened them up and added the depth of a greyish purple to ground them.

“Sultry Origins” which includes Marooned SW6020 (eggplanty brown), Leather Bound SW6118 (med. brown), Brassy SW6410 (medium green with a lot of yellow), Pennywise SW6349 (coppery burnt orange), Aurora Brown SW2837, Gingery SW6363 & Fine Wine SW6307. This is a very deep and spicy color palette – you can just picture bowls filled with spices from Mexico or India in this palette.

SW’s other palettes include “Understated Elegance” which is a mix of pearly beiges, soft blues, greens and creams, with browns and a soft black. “Virtual Mix” combines some very unusual versions of deep coral, lavendar, grey, blue and green. The final collection is “Kinetic Contrast” which is reminiscent of their “Exotic Travels” palette from last year (strong reds, blues, greens and goldenrods) but incudes black and white which adds a strong visual punch to the mix.

If you’re looking for something new in the way of color mixing, one of the best ways to do it is to visit your local paint store and see what colors the big paint companies (SW, Benjamin Moore, Pratt & Lambert, etc) are putting together. They spend big bucks coming up with these collections and we can all benefit from their work. Don’t be afraid of color!

xoxo Linda