True Confessions: “The cobblers’ children…

… have no shoes”. We’ve all heard this saying. It’s so true for so many professions, including my own. Well, more specifically, me. People always say to me “you must have a beautiful house”. My answer is yes, but… What I really have is a home filled with half finished projects. It takes me forever to finish what I start. I appear to have a high tolerance for the incomplete. It took me a year to finish the border in my bedroom.

A friend asked how I could stand it. Well… I don’t really notice it on a daily basis. But, the truth is, once I actually finished my bedroom, I was thrilled!! Especially on the days I make my bed – but that’s a different confession…

So… the point of this is that I need help. While I’m totally finish-line driven when it comes to my clients’ projects, I neglect my own. And my biggest current unfinished project is a 4-wall mural in my foyer and stair well. I’ve been working on this for over 3 years, could be 4, I’ve lost track. In truth, it was a big project to take on – especially for someone who is afraid of heights and doesn’t like 3 foot step ladders, let alone 30′ extension nightmares. So, I’ve had the help of kind friend with ladders and no fears. And still, unfinished.

I’m about half way done, I would guess. My theme is “The Secret Garden”, one of my favorite childhood books. I have a painted hedge, stone wall, wrought iron fencing, blue sky and clouds. Plus, there will be a trompe l’oeil doorway that opens into the secret garden. Very ambitious, very unfinished…

This was the newly started project. Obviously, something was needed!

What would we do without our friends!

A little progress (this photo is at least 2 years old!) The current status is the photo at the top of this post, as taken today. Some progress, but nothing to shout about. I plan on documenting my progress on this blog as a way of embarrassing myself into finishing. So, please feel free to post, or email, your words of support, encouragement and criticism. I can take it! I need it!

xoxo Linda Would you like my Favorite Tips for a Well-Decorated Home? Click here!

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