Holiday Decorating 101: Bring out that old silver

For a simple, yet elegant, holiday decoration, bring out that old silver, shine it up (or not), and fill with natural materials such as leaves, berries or fruit. Couldn’t be easier! My work is highlighted in these two photos printed in South Shore Living Magazine’s Holiday Issue, 2006. From the King Caesar Holiday Decorating Tour House.

xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating 101: Bring out that old silver”

  1. Wow, Marrakesh – pretty exotic sounding! As far as hiring someone, just ask everyone you know if they or someone they know has used someone. If there’s a telephone directory, that might help. Or, a university there that has a design program might put you in touch with alumni.Good Luck!

  2. Hi Linda-
    OK, you’ve inspired me to “get out all the old silver” but it has been years and it’s badly tarnished. Do you have any tips on polishing it with non-toxic products? Thanks!
    Peggy Farabaugh

  3. Hi Peggy,
    I admit that when I polish I use a commercial (and probably somewhat toxic) product, but I’ve read that white tooth paste works. I also read that if you put a piece of aluminum foil in a plastic or glass bowl, sprinkle salt and baking soda and fill with warm water and submerge your silver piece, the aluminum will act as a magnet for the tarnish and the silver will be clean. I actually find this a fascinating concept and plan on trying it out. It would only work on submergable pieces however. (nothing with felt padding, etc.)

    On my silver jewelry, I use a product from which is all natural.

    Good luck!

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