Happy New Years Resolutions!

It’s finally here – the day we sit back and reflect on the past year and what we hope to accomplish in the next year. I have several plans in place for new content in ::Surroundings:: in the next year.

Including: “Get the look!” where I will show how to break down and source items to create the looks you covet. The first space will be “Versailles”, inspired by the new movie “Marie Antoinette”. Nothing like starting at the height of oppulence and over-the-top grandeur! Stay tuned for this post, coming soon!

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is that good ole standby – clean out the closets! But, in my case, they are filled with decorator fabrics and trims. Between client overages and fabrics that I’ve purchased but haven’t used – my house is brimming over and it’s time to purge. Really, I just need to make room for new splurges. I’m working on a page on my wesbite – called Decorator’s Closet Sale that will picture what I have as I dig it out. I will also post items here.

I wished to thank my sponsor Littman Bros. Lighting for their support this year, and to you, my regular readers.

Stay tuned and Happy Decorating!

xoxo Linda