Get that look! Versailles Style & Marie Antoinette as Icon

Première promotion des chevaliers de l’ordre de saint Louis par Louis XIV � Versailles le 8 mai 1693 François Marot

Hall of Mirrors Scene from “Marie Antoinette” 2006, directed by Sophia Coppola

Versailles Hall of Mirrors, photo taken 2001

I have finally seen Sophia Coppola’sMarie Antoinette and it was wonderful to see scenes shot in Versailles. I was there in 2001 and the “Louis” style is truly one of my favorites. I really liked the movie and thought the costumes (Milena Canonero won the 2007 Academy Award for this movie) and production design (K.K. Barrett- Production Designer and Véronique Melery, set decorator) were stunningly beautiful.

Versailles, collection of furnishings, photo taken 2001

Versailles, photo taken 2001
Scenes from “Marie Antoinette” Sophia Coppola, director; K.K. Barrett, Production Designer; Véronique Melery, set decorator
Marie Antoinette’s private chamber.

The Royal Bedchamber – a public room.

Le Petit Trianon – Marie Antoinette’s “get-away” on the grounds of Versailles. Note that the decor is more “countrified” than those in the Palace. Painted furniture, cotton drapes and white painted moldings created the French Country look in this scene.

If we love a style – be it historical or cinematic – we can duplicate it in our homes. Clearly, unless our name is Trump, most of us aren’t going to be able to copy the Versailles style exactly. But, by breaking down a look into it’s basic elements and a bit of research – anything is possible.

Start with a great base – the classic parquet floor.

This flooring is available from Armstrong.

If wood flooring isn’t possible, you can approximate the feeling with carpet tiles, such as these from Flor.

Companies such as Ballard Designs carry a wide range of reasonably priced, French inspired furnishings and accessories.

Recreate the Hall of Mirrors with floor mirrors. You could even use wall tiles.

Add sparkle to the walls with sconces.

An ornate chandelier tops off the space.

With a little bit of thought, the interior of your dreams can be yours.


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5 thoughts on “Get that look! Versailles Style & Marie Antoinette as Icon”

  1. Oh, darling, I was at Versailles in September. Such sumptuousness and opulence as one has never seen. Rather over the top, but coherent. The colors truly sang, and after I while I began to think that the glitter and gild made those cavernous rooms seem somehow cozier.

    Great Blog!!

  2. thats great! i loved the movie and want to recreate a louis-style-candy-coloured house when i move into my own place. thanks for the tips!

  3. My daughter's bedroom is decorated in the Marie Antionette style of blues and golds but she wanted a more funky twist on the style. We were in the Juicy store in Nashville Tn.yesterday and they have that funky Marie Antionette look so we are off to find items like the store has.

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