Deadly Squire – Fabulously Quirky

One of my favorite websites in the whole of cyberspace – which I believe is quite vast at this point – is Deadly Squire. Husband and wife team of Anna and Tim Harrington have created this quirky online world that is part burlesque (not the nudie kind), part J. Peterman, part Martha Stewart, part high tech and all original.

By now, if you haven’t clicked on their link, you’re probably wondering what is it that they actually do? If not, you’re suffering from a deplorable lack of curiosity! Deadly Squire creates intricate and playful, but not cute, textiles from which they fashion a myriad of everyday items such as pot holders, placemats, bags, pillows and even neck ties. Quoting their website, they “bring the sublime and exotic to the everyday.”

I love, love the technology behind their website – click on a pattern and the entire background changes to that pattern. Take the time to read the captions, and you will be charmed and amused. I don’t know if this site has won any awards, but if not, it should. The website is an experience unto itself, without obscuring the products. Stop by, take a look, and maybe you will come away with a little piece of the Deadly Squire world.

xoxo Linda