Top Design – Meet the Designer: Matt Lorenz

Age: 32

Hometown: Chicago

Profession: Heads up the Interior Design Department at Darcy R. Bonner and Associates in Chicago

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from The Illinois Institute of Art

Design style: Current contemporary that’s livable

Originally from Minnesota, Matt knew he wanted to be a designer since kindergarten. He considers himself a dramatic designer and believes that in order to be a great designer, it takes a combination of drive, ambition and talent all working together.

Matt says, “My philosophy on life has several steps, but the first two are that life is too short and everyone is %*#-ing crazy.”

Married for 10 years, with a four-year-old daughter, Matt says his biggest accomplishment is the playhouse he spent three years building for his daughter.

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2 thoughts on “Top Design – Meet the Designer: Matt Lorenz”

  1. Im wordering if you can contact matt for me,we use to work together in Mankato at Carlson Craft for a short time.After he moved to Chicago and his dad said he had gotten married. I lost touch with him and would like to say hi and always wondered how he is doing.He was such a blast to work with and such a funny guy.Please have him contact me at,my name is becky , if he remembers me I would love to here from him again

  2. Matt does seem to be a mystery man, online. No website, no My Space, as far as I can tell. I’m not in contact with him – the designers are limited in their contact with bloggers for contractual reasons. But, in the off chance he, or someone close to him reads this, maybe he’ll be in touch!

    And Matt, if you’re reading this… get a website, dude! It’s the 21st C!

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