Top Design – Meet the Designer: Ryan Humphrey

Age: 35

Hometown: New York City

Profession: Independent Artist

Education: Associate’s degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Ohio University and master’s degree in fine arts from Hunter College.

Design style: Art-centric Expressionism

Ryan is not your typical interior designer. He is also an accomplished artist who lives in New York.

He considers all of his education a blessing because he comes from a small industrial town in Ohio where great opportunities were a luxury. He is extremely appreciative of what he has and is not afraid to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Most recently, Ryan took part in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. He does a lot of installations and his work has been shown all over the United States, including Caren Golden Fine Arts and DCKT Contemporary in New York, as well as the Kantor Gallery in Los Angeles.

He is a self-proclaimed rock and roll artist who works 24-hours a day and describes his personal style as “half Henry Rollins, half David Lee Roth, with a sprinkle of Evil Knievel.”

An online search shows that Ryan is clearly a well respected mixed media and performance artist with many shows and exhibitions to his credit. He seems to have a strong philosophical opinion – one that is a bit angry, perhaps? I have to wonder how much of a team player he will be, and how well he could interact with real life clients.

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xoxo Linda