The Scene to See and be Seen

New England Home Magazine hosted its’ big annual soiree last night at The Residences at the new Intercontinental Hotel on Boston’s waterfront. The party was a veritable who’s who of the Boston interior design world. New England Home Magazine, published by Dan Kaplan, is relatively new to the shelter magazine bookshelf. And, it hit the ground running with a mature magazine that showcases high-end design and style of some of New England’s finest homes. While we are generally a conservative bunch (design-wise) we’re also mostly about timeless style, comfort and class. Unusual in the publishing world, the magazine actually posts a digital edition for anyone to access online. The photos in the printed edition are of course more lush than online, but this gives the reader a sense of what they can expect.

Onto the party. The Residences at the Intercontinental Hotel are luxury condos (I heard $6-8M) on top of the hotel. The space we were in wasn’t decorated yet – so one could really see the bones of the space. I say, cover ’em up! I wasn’t impressed. While the views are spectacular – city scape, water front, etc. the space was an empty box with mediocre quality fixtures and a slippery laminate floor. I’m a New England girl – give me wood or give me death! (my apologies to Patrick Henry) The bathroom fixtures were particularly disappointing. In this age of the overwhelmingly oppulent bathroom – one would at least expect a tub with jets, steam shower and A-level sinks, vanities, faucets, etc. Very disappointing. The concensus among my designer friends is that it is assumed that those who can afford to live there will probably rip everything out and do it again on their own dime and to their own specifications. Nice life… Meanwhile, we are in conservative New England where I say, if I am going to spend millions on a brand new property, I want it to be perfection when I move in! Then, if I want to replace things, that’s my business.

Anyway, here are some photos of the hotel:

A guest bathroom. Similar to what we saw last night. Although this one, at least, isn’t stark white.

The too loud to think bar.

The unexpectedly glamourous and elegant dining room, which was still too loud due to it’s adjacency to the bar.

And the fish-eye view.

The party was fun, lots of people, champagne and laughter. Didn’t bring a camera, so I have no photos. But when they appear in the magazine (there was a busy photog there from the mag) I’ll post again!

xoxo Linda

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