Top Design – Random Thought on: John

Do we think that John Gray is pulling a Jeffrey Sebelia? Is he coming off all mean and butch in order to make us think how great a designer is when he comes up with something soft? Maybe it’s the producers doing it for dramatic tension.

He is definately the least “designery” looking male on the program, if one wants to give into stereotypes. Maybe he feels the need to overcompensate?

Just a random thought.

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xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Top Design – Random Thought on: John”

  1. I’ve known John for a decade, and worked with him for 7 of those years, so I feel justified in opining that you are seeing the real John Gray here ~ no false airs, no overcompensating, no playing for the cameras.

    John is many things….an opinionated blowhard to be sure (I say that lovingly), an energetic tour-de-force of a designer with very strong viewpoints, an insanely hard worker willing to do *anything* a client requires, a soft-hearted animal guardian, a guy who admittedly suffers from foot-in-mouth disorder at times, but is able to laugh at himself afterwards, and most importantly, in regards to Top Design – he is a truly gifted designer with an incredible imagination. I look forward to see what else he shows us on this program.

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