Top Design: A new crush?

Up till now I’ve held off posting about Todd Oldham and the judges. Not sure why, just haven’t had anything to say, until now. BravoTV just posted an interview, in several segments, between Tim Gunn and Jonathan Adler. In segment #2, Jonathan (I am on a first name basis with my new crush) said something that is so true about working with clients.

“Decorating is a weird business. It’s like 10% design, like 20% psychology… and 70% maid. I am basically my clients’ bitch”.

I am loving his lack of pretension and honest assessment of the business. Designers often hear “Decorating must be such a fun job!” Well, now I can say “It’s like 10% design, 20% sorting through people’s issues and 70% HARD WORK!”.

Just ask Jonathan.

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xoxo Linda

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