Top Design – Viewer’s Guide, post Ep. 2

The judges sort the contestants into three categories: Top, Middle and Bottom, with there being a little fluidity as to how many are in each category. Based on where the judges placed the contestants, I’ve created a points and ranking system.

Points assigned:
Win – 4
Top Pack – 3
Mid Pack – 2
Bottom Pack – 1
Loss – 0

Based on this, here are the rankings after the first two episodes:
Goil – 7 points

Elizabeth – 6
Erik – 6

Carisa – 5
Felicia – 5
Matt – 5

Andrea – 4

Ryan – 3

Michael – 2

John – 1 (eliminated)
Heather – 0 (eliminated)
Lisa – 0 (eliminated)

Of course, we don’t know yet whether the judges will consider the overall achievements of the designers when they select the Top Design, or will it come down to the last two or three standing and their “last design” Stay tuned!

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xoxo Linda

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  1. I like this. It is useful to track. At least for those of us that like to pretend that they are being fair and balanced!

    I proposed that if they did this on Project Runway it would point out really blatently biased or wrong-headed decisions:

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