6 thoughts on “Media Talk: Get that Look: “Something’s Gotta Give” & The Washington Post”

  1. Linda,
    Congratulations on being written up in the Washington Post! The article was great. I added a link to your Something’s Gotta Give original Post from my Beach House rug webpage.

  2. You know what? Despite the elegance of the palette, I’m thinking “don’t people adopt a certain aesthetic because they want an individual look?”

    At what point are all the people that adopt this going to be peeved because all their cabinetry pulls and their neighbors’ pulls came from Restoration Hardware and now their entire living space is absolutely identical to the one down the street?

    Or have I just been hanging out too much with the uber-design snobs in my circle?

  3. I forgot to congratulate you on your feature in the Post, and to thank you for including the “Get That Look” feature on the blog.

    It’s lovely to see some of my own guilty pleasure favorites featured. Hee.

  4. Congrats, darling. That set was among my all time favorite movie sets.

    As for Rooroob’s words, I get where you’re coming from. Everyone I know is rushing to tear off perfectly good hardware and countertops to put up the same cookie cutter (but very expensive) granite counters and brushed stainless handles.

    I simply wallow in my lovely 40’s bathrooms with original tiles, cabinetry, and hardware. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? The design challenge becomes, How can I make this retro house enter the 21st century while still keeping its unique features?

    If Europeans had followed the American propensity for getting rid of the old all the time, then we would not think of Paris, London, or Rome as being charming.

  5. I couldn’t agree more, with regards to our penchant for getting rid of the old. I’ve been predicting that the stainless steel appliances/granite counter top look will eventually become the avocado green/burnt orange/harvest gold of the 70’s. While it’s all the rage now and home buyers are expecting these items, I think in 15 years, they will be being torn out for the next big thing. Now, if I could just predict the big thing…

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing for people to want to emulate a look they like. I think of it as more inspiration, or a jumping off point. The reality is that we all have our “stuff” that is ours personally and marks our territory as ours. That can’t be duplicated. As a designer, I’m fine with clients who say “I love xxx style” – whether it’s a movie, or historical period, but I’d take it as a starting point only. I wouldn’t want to just “copy” someone else’s design. This SSG design isn’t new or original – it’s just a fine example of a particular, and established, decorating style that’s very American. Comfortable with large furnishings, fairly subdued palette, beachy.

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