Top Design – Viewer’s Guide, post Ep. 4

The current rankings based on the first four challenges are:

Goil (11)
Carisa (11)
Andrea (10)
Erik (9)
Matt (9)
Michael (8)
Ryan (5)

Out are: Felicia (9), Elizabeth (6), John (1), Heather (0), Lisa (0)

My per episode point system is: 4 – winner; 3 – top ranking(if different than winner); 2 middle group; 1 – bottom ranking; 0 – if “latered”.

Is it just me, or is something off that there are “latered” contestants who have higher rankings than two are who are still in? I guess it’s true – you’re only as good as your last project.

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xoxo Linda

3 thoughts on “Top Design – Viewer’s Guide, post Ep. 4”

  1. Actually, last week you had Felicia with (9) points, so she’s ahead of two remaining designers, and tied with a third.

  2. Linda,
    I LOVE your blog, especially this handy score sheet and your truly thoughtful analysis of each room. I look at each one a bit differently after reading your perspective. Keep up the great work!

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