Top Design – Emerging Portfolios – Signature Styles and the controversial “Voice”

Since TD is taking a week off, I thought it would be an interesting time to take a look at each of the remaining designers’ work through the first four episodes.

Do we see any trends or signature styles coming through? Who works better on their own and who seems to benefit from working with a team? This isn’t about wins or losses, or lamenting who has been “latered” and who is still here. All the designers have worked very hard and deserve kudos for their labors. It can’t be easy being on the first season of any reality show, but I think the work has often been the most honest because of it.

Beyond the challenges, gimmicks and personality, there is the work.

Take a look at each grouping as if you’re looking at the work with a fresh eye. Who would you hire? Anyone? Take the poll at the bottom. Comments are welcome!

Click here for my detailed analysis of Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 or Episode 4.

Episode 1: Andrea and Ryan

Episode 2: Andrea

Episode 3: Team Tahiti: Andrea and Michael (and Felicia)

Episode 4: Andrea


Episode 1: Carisa and Erik
Episode 2: Carisa
Episode 3: Team St. Tropez: Carisa and Goil and Ryan

Episode 4: Carisa


Episode 1: Erik and Carisa
Episode 2: Erik
Episode 3: Team Miami: Erik and Matt (and Elizabeth)
Episode 4: Erik

Episode 1: Goil (and Elizabeth)

Episode 2: Goil
Episode 3: Team St. Tropez: Goil and Carisa and Ryan
Episode 4: Goil


Episode 1: Matt (and Felicia)
Episode 2: Matt
Episode 3: Team Miami: Matt and Erik (and Elizabeth)
Episode 4: Matt

Episode 1: Michael (and John)
Episode 2: Michael

Episode 3: Team Tahiti: Michael and Andrea (and Felicia)

Episode 4: Michael

Episode 1: Ryan and Andrea

Episode 2: Ryan
Episode 3: Team St. Tropez: Goil and Carisa and Ryan
Episode 4: Ryan

Who would you hire?
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