Get that Look or Where did the $ go? Top Design Ep. 1

I’ve started to receive inquiries about the items featured in the Top Design contestants spaces. I thought I would start an episode by episode post to provide this source information as I gather it. If you’re looking for information, please let me know. If you have information, please let us all know! First up: As … Read more

Top Design – Search rankings

This is a totally unscientific, random report, but since TD aired at 11:00PM EST, this is the ranking of searches that resulted in hits to my site: John Goil Elizabeth Matt/Heather (tied) Lisa Erik And with no hits: Carisa, Andrea, Felicia, Ryan and Michael Interestingly, Micheal was the hit leader prior to the broadcast. I’ve … Read more

Top Design – Mystery Judge Episode 1

Alexis Arquette is introduced as the mystery judge. She offered 5 objects to inspire the designers, including a mirrored ball, green butterfly, kewpie doll head, velvet painting and something else. Basically – a kitchy, colorful collection of items that were a strong indication of their owner’s personality. It was immediately clear that most the designers … Read more