Top Design – Judging the Designs Episode 8

“Metropolitan Home Hotel Suite Challenge”Individual Challenge: Design a hotel suite for Metropolitan Home magazine that is based on one of the earth elements of: Fire (Goil), Air (Matt), Water (Carisa) and Earth (Andrea). Budget:$1,550 fabric, paint and lumber$30,000 memo furnishings from Pacific Design Center$3,000 bedding budget from McGary & Co. Winner receives an editorial spread … Read more

Top Design – Viewer’s Guide, post Ep. 8

The current rankings based on the first eight challenges are: Matt (21)Andrea (20)Carisa (18) Matt won this challenge and Goil was sent home. Carisa came in a strong second and Andrea was on the chopping block. The rankings are bit unnecessary at this point, but I started it, so I’ll see it through! Each of … Read more

Top Design meets Travel Tuesday

Tonight is Episode 8! We’re down to Andrea, Carisa, Goil and Matt. They are charged with creating a hotel suite for Metropolitan Home. Themes are Earth, Air, Fire and Water (respectively). Hotel rooms provide some of the most mundane to the most beautiful and creative decorating worldwide. I’ve been running a reagular feature called Travel … Read more

::Travel Tuesday – Madrid

This week on our world tour, we visit Madrid. As the capital of Spain, Madrid is a city of great cultural and political importance. While Madrid possesses a modern infrastructure, it has preserved the look and feel of many of its historic neighborhoods and streets. (courtesy of Wikipedia) The Hotel Urban is set for the … Read more

::New England Flower Show – A magnificent seaside garden party

A highlight of this years’ show are the festive “seaside” dining tables created by several Boston area designers. They ranged from subtle and traditional to over-the-top fabulous. Here are some of my favorites (and you’ll notice my preference for over-the-top fabulous!): Click the pics to see the images closeup. I didn’t get all the names … Read more

Top Design – Judging the Designs Episode 7

“Chef’s Choice”Individual Challenge: Design a chef’s table for Tom Collichio’s latest restaurant. Tom loves nature – stone and wood, the Arts and Crafts Movement and mid-20th modern. He’s looking for something very high end and luxurious. Budget:$2,000 materials and supplies.$40,000 furnishings from Pacific Design Center. (note that the quoted prices were referred to as “net” … Read more

Top Design – Viewer’s Guide, post Ep. 7

The current rankings based on the first five challenges are: Andrea (19)Matt (17)Carisa (16)Goil (15) Due to her winning design this week, Andrea pulls out ahead! Out are: Michael (13) ; Erik (11) Ryan (5), Felicia (9), Elizabeth (6), John (1), Heather (0), Lisa (0) My per episode point system is: 4 – winner; 3 … Read more

Travel Tuesday – San Francisco

This weeks virtual tour takes us to San Francisco. S.F. is an amalgam of Victorian row houses and cutting edge culture, technology and design. It comes as no surprise that its hotels are a mix of elegant tradition and sleek contemporary styles. Definitely something for everyone! The Hotel Adagio features a fresh design that bridges … Read more

Washington Post Room Makeovers

The Washington Post Real Estate section has a fabulous feature, Designer Solutions, where they regularly pair an interior designer with a homeowner and create a makeover for their space. Complete with drawings, photos and resource lists, it’s a great feature. I wish my city newspaper, The Boston Globe, would do the same. Handy to see … Read more