Top Design – An Afghan Throwdown

When Felicia Bushman included a tired old granny quilt in her Episode 4 design, she seemed to hope that it would add a touch of whimsical kitsch to the room. It backfired on her. Not only was she shown the door, but she also unleashed a great debate over whether there is ever a place for an afghan in interior design. I would submit that there most definitely is. Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy shows that the handiwork of earlier generations isn’t better left in those times. Her work is bright and colorful, sentimental and, yes, cozy. It’s not kitsch or jokey. Check her out and you’ll see what I mean.

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xoxo Linda

2 thoughts on “Top Design – An Afghan Throwdown”

  1. I have found several examples of afghans that truly transcend the boundaries of kitsch and craft. It CAN be done. Felicia’s mistake was in thinking that something so associative with tacky middle class taste would be acceptable in a design contest.


  2. thanks for this post — it is true that craft artists can reinvent these forms and create very interesting works. there are amazingly new yarns available now that could create some some incredible pieces.

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