Room for Improvement – Project Introduction

Big News! I’ll be appearing on WHDH-TV, Bostons’ NBC affiliate, home makeover segment Room for Improvement! I will be doing the master bedroom for J&B, busy parents of two young sons. Since moving into their house two years ago, they’ve done some home improvement projects but haven’t yet touched their master bedroom.

click the image for better view of floor plan

As you can see from the floor plan, their bedroom is an awkward space, with very few layout options. This is a second floor bedroom in a Cape Cod style home, which means lots of eves to contend with.

Together, we are going to create an oasis of rest and relaxation. While they enjoy a bright and saturated color palette in the rest of their house, they would like something more soothing for their bedroom. Favorite colors are blues, greens and lavenders.

The furniture is staying. I’ll be looking for a headboard, television stand, possibly some additional seating. There will be window treatments with decent light block capabilities (for kiddie nap-time), bedding and pillows. The budget is fairly small, but I’m sure we will be able to “make it work” as the inimitable Tim Gunn would say!

Suggestions are most welcome!

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5 thoughts on “Room for Improvement – Project Introduction”

  1. What fun! Too bad we can’t watch the show but I look forward to pictures. That is a weird room; I have no idea what I would do with it. How about covering the walls and ceilings with fabric to make it look like a tent?

  2. Dahling, I wouldn’t presume to intrude on an area of your expertise, but I cannot wait to see the results.

    Eric’s suggestion makes me think of my parents’ bedroom in Indonesia, where their bed was covered and draped with a fabulous gauze mosquito netting that trailed from a bamboo ring attached to the ceiling to the floor. So exotic and glamorous. Perfect.

  3. Actually, the tv station streams the video on their website, so it will be available beyong Boston.

    Thanks for the suggestions! I literally started this project yesterday – so have gotten about as far as thinking of headboard styles. But, maybe a semi-canopy with a drape attached to the eve point and running down the way behind the bed… hmmm…

    Ms. Place – you’ve lead an interesting life…

  4. Amanda – I use, a web based software. While not the most cost effective, it’s easy to use while I research the best software to purchase for my needs.

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