Top Design – Time to Party?

I’m actually looking forward to tonights episode! I’m going to a Downtown Women’s Club cocktail party beforehand so will be in the party mood. Perhaps an extra cocktail will make the cat fights and tears a little more palatable. Or even funny. We can only hope!

Check back after the show for my recap of the episode. Meanwhile, check out my previous “Emerging Portfolios” post and the status of the “Who Would You Hire” poll at the bottom. Who’s on top and who is lagging?

I was the party designer for a fundraiser last month. They are lots of work, but can be lots of fun. Besides, you get instant gratification, and cocktails. Here are a couple of pics – the budget was only $500 and we had four rooms to decorate. I didn’t get great photos of the other rooms, but this was the main hall taken at the beginning of the evening. By the end, you couldn’t move!

xoxo Linda