Top Design – Emerging Portfolios – Signature Styles – Ep. 6

Episode 6, “Life of the Party”, was another team challenge. It’s hard to assess who’s responsible for what in these challenges – between the editing and genuine time constraints things get confused. I’m hoping, that in the final four challenges we have at least 3 more individual challenges. How else would they legitimately select the “Top Design”?

Anyhow, here is a collection of project photos for each of the remaining designers. Do we see any through lines?

For the past two weeks, I’ve asked “Who Would You Hire?” and the answer has been overwhelmingly Matt. Now I ask “Who do you think is going to win it all?” This isn’t about previous wins or losses, or lamenting who has been “latered” and who is still here. It’s not about popularity. All the designers have worked very hard and deserve kudos for their labors.

Beyond the challenges, gimmicks and personality, there is the work.

Take a look at each grouping as if you’re looking at the work with a fresh eye. Who do you think is going to win it all? Take the poll at the bottom. Comments are welcome!

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Episode 1: Andrea and Ryan

Episode 2: Andrea

Episode 3: Team Tahiti: Andrea and Michael (and Felicia)

Episode 4: Andrea

Episode 5: Andrea

Episode 6: Andrea


Episode 1: Carisa and Erik
Episode 2: Carisa
Episode 3: Team St. Tropez: Carisa and Goil and Ryan

Episode 4: Carisa

Episode 5: Carisa

Episode 6: Carisa

Episode 1: Goil (and Elizabeth)

Episode 2: Goil
Episode 3: Team St. Tropez: Goil and Carisa and Ryan
Episode 4: Goil

Episode 5: Goil

Episode 6: Goil


Episode 1: Matt (and Felicia)
Episode 2: Matt
Episode 3: Team Miami: Matt and Erik (and Elizabeth)
Episode 4: Matt

Episode 5: Matt

Episode 6: Matt

Episode 1: Michael (and John)
Episode 2: Michael

Episode 3: Team Tahiti: Michael and Andrea (and Felicia)

Episode 4: Michael

Episode 5: Michael

Episode 6: Michael

Who do you think is going to win it all?
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