Travel Tuesday – San Francisco

This weeks virtual tour takes us to San Francisco. S.F. is an amalgam of Victorian row houses and cutting edge culture, technology and design. It comes as no surprise that its hotels are a mix of elegant tradition and sleek contemporary styles. Definitely something for everyone!

The Hotel Adagio features a fresh design that bridges its Spanish Colonial Revival architectural roots to a clean and contemporary design aesthetic.

“Is it a hotel or an art gallery” so asked the San Francisco Examiner about the Hotel Des Arts, a boutique hotel where the rooms are being painted by some of the regions most prominent emerging artists.

The Clift Hotel – From the Surrealistic magic of its soaring lobby to the digital art exhibitions in its celebrated and legendary Redwood Room, the nearly century-old Clift’s daring new sense of diversity perfectly captures the city’s spirit. Designed by Philippe Starck, Clift is a wonderland for the jetset.


xoxo Linda

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