Room for Improvement – Headboard options

While we wait for the fabric samples to come in – any day now – I’ve been working up headboard options. I was initially thinking of a canopy treatment to take advantage of the eve overhead, but decided that it would compete visually with the window treatment on the window next to the bed. A couple of days ago, I was in Elite Repeat a consignment shop located in Hanover, MA and found a pair of fabulous trellises…

…that I thought would make a really cool headboard!
But, they aren’t particularly comfy on the back of the head and I’d have to come up with some attached cushions. This would be a great, inexpensive, idea for a guest room; unusual and not everyday. The trellises are $69.00 each.

Our other option is a custom upholstered headboard, which will certainly be more comfortable and luxurious looking. This is the option we’re aiming towards.

I also found this sweet metal bench at the consignment shop that might work wonderfully for extra seating in the room. Lay in a bench cushion and a couple of pillows, we’d be in business!

I’m now thinking about window treatment styles…

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  1. I have been contemplating buying or making my own headboard. I have an Ikea malm platform looking…king. Its supposed to be modern but its way outdated these days in my opinion. So looking for something different and similar to my style…i love french style, antique…colors.
    Jennifer Ramos

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