Top Design meets Travel Tuesday

Tonight is Episode 8! We’re down to Andrea, Carisa, Goil and Matt. They are charged with creating a hotel suite for Metropolitan Home. Themes are Earth, Air, Fire and Water (respectively).

Hotel rooms provide some of the most mundane to the most beautiful and creative decorating worldwide. I’ve been running a reagular feature called Travel Tuesday where each week I profile several hotels in a particular city that are beautiful and unique. Here are a few images that I particularly love. Click here to see the rest. And come back after the show for my weekly mid-night (meaning middle of the night) recap!

xoxo Linda

2 thoughts on “Top Design meets Travel Tuesday”

  1. These are so luxurious! I have been to Brazil once and I would love to be able to go every year (winter). My accommodations have been rather simpler.

    I have got to start reading your Travel Tuesday posts — but since I’ve no plans to travel they may make me too depressed!

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