Top Design – Viewer’s Guide, post Ep. 8

The current rankings based on the first eight challenges are:

Matt (21)
Andrea (20)
Carisa (18)

Matt won this challenge and Goil was sent home. Carisa came in a strong second and Andrea was on the chopping block. The rankings are bit unnecessary at this point, but I started it, so I’ll see it through!

Each of the top three have now won one individual challenge. Check out my Emerging Portfolio post (to follow) to see photo montages of each of their projects to date. See if you can pick the Top Design!

Out are: Goil (15); Michael (13) ; Erik (11) Ryan (5), Felicia (9), Elizabeth (6), John (1), Heather (0), Lisa (0)

My per episode point system is: 4 – winner; 3 – top ranking(if different than winner); 2 middle group; 1 – bottom ranking; 0 – if “latered”.

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xoxo Linda