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We are down to our last three designers – Andrea Keller, Carisa Perez-Fuentes and Matt Lorenz. Episode 9 airs tomorrow evening and then we’ll know who made the final two. Unless they are being very deceptive, Bravo has clearly given away the winner of episode 9. The challenge is to create a room inspired by an Elle Decor magazine cover of their choice.

Here is the November 2004 issue that appears in the TD opening montage of cover shots:

Here is the room shot that appears in the TD opening montage of finished rooms, all of which have been episode winners (does this space look familiar?):

Here is Carisa picking out pillows that appear in the photo above:


What do we think? Has Bravo given it away, or are they tricking us somehow? And if Carisa is indeed one of the finalists, who is the other, Andrea or Matt?

xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Top Design – Channeling Elle Decor”

  1. If Carisa won with that room, Matt and Andrea must have eloped.

    I’m surprised the judges didn’t say it was too literal an interpretation of the cover and not just inspired by the cover.

    Did she borrow Goil’s rug?

  2. Dear Linda, is there any way you could post copies of any of the other Elle Décor covers the designers will choose from this week? I don’t subscribe and had minimal success surfing the web. It would make the speculation more fun. Perhaps we could play “spot the Matt room.” On the other hand, I doubt I could identify an “Andrea room” if I fell over it, based on what we’ve seen on TD.

    Also agree with Anon 5:37 that the Carissa room this week is quite literal. Then again, the judges liked her room for the garage sale challenge more than most of us did based on how we saw it photographed (one of my on-going frustrations with the show). I also think that room’s “pop/mod” touches, echoed here in the yellow chair at the right of the photo and the lamp that extends over it, say something about the judges’ subjective design preferences. But those pillows have to go!

  3. the folks over at have an image on their site that shows 8 of the 10 the magazine covers that the designers had to choose from. I believe that Andrea selected the cover on the bottom row, second from right (next to the presumed Carisa room). In one of the previews there was a fleeting image of this cover while Andrea was speaking. She then goes on to look for window casments in an architectural materials store. It’s also a beige room – which seems to be her fav. color.

    The images aren’t clear enough for me to pick out Matt’s room. Since they are asked to select a space that speaks to them or represents their aesthetic, we can probably assume he chooses something very formal. He’s looking at a Louis style daybed in one of the previews.

    I am conjecturing that this is a “get that look for less” challenge where they are to recreate the cover look on a serious budget. They are shopping in local LA stores and all three are complaining about the budget and worrying over prices. Just a guess…

    If this is the case, then they would be trying for a result that’s as close to the original as possible and so the judges shouldn’t be criticizing them for being too literal. That would be a positive in this case.

    And, finally, I love the pillows!

  4. well, we were duped by the producers! This room was in the credits with other winning rooms, but she didn’t win this challenge after all! So much for my conjectures!

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