Friends and green design – a great day!

I went to the Residential Design & Construction Show today here in Boston. I spent part of the day at the IFDA booth and then poked around the show the rest of the time. And I ran into some new friends and some old! (well, not old…)

Here are Melissa Copeland and Katie Williams Dammann from the stylish New England Home Magazine. They get my award for the most beautifully coordinated and comfy looking booth.

I also visited with Matt Mladenka of East Teak Fine Hardwoods, Inc. They get the award for the most beautifully built booth. They service the marine, residential and commercial industries and are the largest importer of teak and other exotic woods in the country, if not the world. Matt and I had an interesting conversation about green design. We both agreed that it’s a trendy issue at the moment, but will eventually become the standard. East Teak offers a an eco-friend “green” solution – recycled and reclaimed prime-grade teak and rosewood. These woods are responsibly recovered from old and neglected structures, typically 60-100 years old. They never “harvest” wood from people’s homes and work hard to insure this continues to be the case. We also chatted about the issue of sustainability. Old growth hardwoods are not only beautiful – they are actually hard. Hard wood installations will last for 80 or more years. If the structure they are installed into is torn down, they can be reclaimed and re-used. Now that’s good for the industry, and the environment!
And finally, I ran into Bruce Irving, a former co-worker from my days at WGBH, Boston’s Public TV station. Bruce was the executive producer for many years for This Old House, the fore-father of all the design programs on television today. Bruce has moved on from TOH and has founded his own renovation consulting business. His vast wealth of knowledge built literally from the ground up on This Old House is now available to anyone looking for guidance as they traverse the maze of decisions that come up during a home renovation project. It was great to run into you Bruce!

This has been my third show in the last week and my fourth in the last three weeks. I am done with shows for a while!

xoxo Linda

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