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Here are a few items that have been used in the TD rooms. I’ll keep poking around and if I find more sources for the items we saw during the show, I’ll come back and post them. Meanwhile, I’ve previously posted items from the first few shows, so click here to check them out.

This is the Sunburst Silver Mirror Matt used in his hotel challenge room. From Baker.
This is Tenango‘s Sri Lanka dining table used by Andrea (Chef’s Table) and Carisa (loft).

I’ve previously posted this, but it’s so amazing it’s worth a second look. Tenango‘s Curved Banquette used by Michael and John in Episode 1.

From Carisa’s loft entryway: Tufted Lounge Chair from Tenango.

The open back Ceylon chairs used by Andrea in her Chef’s Challenge room and Carisa in her Loft, from Tenango. So beautiful, they made a double appearance this season!

This ad from BR-111 just appeared in all the major decorating mags this week (AD, Met Home, House Beautiful, Elle Decor) showcasing their exotic hardwoods collection. I imagine that this floor was the look Carisa was going for in her loft. The rest of the styling is pretty similar as well. Funny about the timing…

This is the beautiful lucite and glass table from Matt’s living room. I’m not yet sure where it was from. On the show, it looks as if he’s shopping in NiermannWeeks, but they don’t show this on their website, so, who knows. If I find it, I’ll add it. Or, someone, please let us know!

Here is a similar table from Dragonette, Ltd. Thanks for the tip, Mary!

The following items are among those on auction at Ebay. Looks like the auction ends on 4/18. Proceeds benefit DIFFA.

xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Get That Look: Top Design – this n that”

  1. What a coincidence! I saw that table in the window of Dragonette last night and immediately thought, “Omigod, that’s the lucite table from Matt’s loft.” Let me tell you, in person it is absolutely stunning, much better than the pictures. Wish I could afford one too…..

  2. That’s so funny, gp! I actually think I like this table better than Matt’s, the base feels more delicate. But, I like the bevel in Matt’s glass top. And yes, if we could only afford everything we wanted!

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