Lofty ambitions – Universal design

There’s a fabulous article by architecture critic Robert Campbell today’s BOSTON GLOBE about a urban loft space designed for a wheelchair bound homeowner. The loft space, designed by architect Brad Walker of the firm Ruhl Walker, is sleek and contemporary and most importantly, functional and comfortable for anyone who might live there. The concept of Universal Design, where living spaces should be created to work for anyone who lives there – regardless of abilities or dis-abilities, has long been talked about. The main theory is that if you serve the functional needs of all inhabitants, you will ultimately make for better architecture. As Mr. Campbell says: “The [homeowners’] loft is an argument for that believe”.

This article also includes an interview with Michael Graves, one of the world’s best known architects and product designers who became wheelchair bound in 2003 due to a virus infection. His broad range of design work has expanded to include household objects for the mobility impaired.

Universal Design = Universal Appeal = Equality for All

Click here for a slide show, “Beyond Barriers” with more photos and audio description of this amazing loft space.

All photos by Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff.

xoxo Linda