Green Day – Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Co.

Martha Stewart includes a recipe for environmentally friendly milk paint in her magazine this month. It involves lemons, milk, curds and whey – all too Little Miss Muffet for me. For those looking for an environmentally friendly paint (no VOC’s) that’s translucent yet saturated, milk paint is a great choice. The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. has been selling powdered milk paints (just add water!) for over thirty years.

Paul Bennett Furniture

And, it’s not just for traditional furniture making any more.

Nancy Barnett of Fresco Studio

This organic paint is safe not only for people, but also for the environment. The ingredients in the base paint are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and are all completely biodegradable.

Read more about this enviro-friendly product here.

xoxo Linda

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