Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge

Ok, so, there has been a lot of comment on Matt and Carisa’s floor plans and use of space. We’re all happily playing armchair designer/architects – which is all part of the fun of reality tv. But, now it’s time to walk our talk. With thanks to Tom & Lorenzo, our favorite GayBoys, we have closeup images of Matt and Carisa’s floor plans.

Matt’s Plan (from the show)

Here is a mockup I did of Matt’s plan. It helped me figure out the proportions to lay in the furniture. Note that some changes were made to the final blank plan after I made this one. But, it was suggested to me that I include it for reference. If I have time, I’ll do one for Carisa’s plan as well.

Carisa’s Plan

Based on these two floor plans and a lot of assumptions on my part and with the help of Eric3000 and Mumblesalot, I’ve cobbled together a basic floor plan. We know the lofts were 1,700 sq. ft. My plan below comes to about 1,665 sq. ft. I am using a 1/8″=1′ scale.

The following items cannot be changed: Structural columns, location of bathroom and kitchen, exterior walls and windows.

So, are you willing to take the Top Design Final Challenge?

If so, you can either click this image and print it out or I can mail a PDF to you. Just send me an email. Don’t forget, my scale is 1/8″=1′. So, make sure you enlarge your version to this scale or keep it in mind if you plan on putting in furniture.

Entries should be sent to me here. You can either scan and email it, of fax it, or use good old fashioned snail mail. If you wish to remain anon, that’s fine, just let me know.

I’ll post entries as I get them and eventually we’ll all have a vote on the winner.

Winners will receive a custom made-to-order pillow by yours truly!

Click here to see Entry1.
Click here to see Entry2.
Click here to see Entry3.
Click here to see Entry4.
Click here to see Entry5.
Click here to see Entry6.
Click here to see Entry7.
Click here to see Entry8.

Click here to see my plan.

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xoxo Linda

12 thoughts on “Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge”

  1. Wow. This should be great fun. I am printing it and taking a few copies to some boring meetings I have to go to. THanks I hope I can come up with something. I am not shopping at the PDC . lol

  2. Thanks, Linda! This is great! I was planning to do this but I’ve never created floorplans on a computer so I’m glad someone who actually knows what they are doing did it instead.

    The only thing I notice is that I think both entry plans are actually exactly the same; Matt simply added an irregularly-shaped closet at the end of his bedroom, which makes the spaces look different. I think the space actually extends much closer to the front door and the door is actually a little bit (a couple of feet?) south of the line of support collumns, which would push the entire bottom edge of the loft down a little and add the few extra square feet that are missing.

    Sorry! I know; too much detail! Anyway, thanks again for doing this! It looks great!

  3. Thanks for the floorplan. I agree with Eric about the entry missing square footage. Also, aren’t there a couple of windows in the bathroom?


  4. I have a question…that may be obvious or stupid…lol
    Do you just want us to do a floor plan or do you want us to shop with the budget and show you how we’d fill it too?

  5. I was thinking the floor plans would be fine. If people wanted to add in colors and furniture styles, that would be nice. But, a whole virtual shopping excursion would be a BIG job and probably too overwhelming.

  6. I don’t really know about the entry doors. I guess I would say probably not since we don’t know what does on in the hall leading to the door. Where were you thinking of moving it to?

  7. mumblesalot,

    Are you asking about actually moving the door or are you asking if the kitchen door can be used as the entry door? That’s what I did. I don’t see why that couldn’t be the main door to the loft.

  8. By the way
    This is my dream to have a loft space with a studio, and a spare bedroom for when the kids visit. This is actually helping me form my vision of what I am looking for and probably cannot afford at least not around here.

  9. Most of the fun is in the designing and you have to take into account every little thing when I designed mine I thought about everything from the Ikea bedroom furniture to the make of the TV and I still got it wrong.

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