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Alrighty, I wanted to get the ball rolling with my plan for Sante Fe loft challenge. Since I’m the host of this event, my plan isn’t in competition. I’m in exhibition, I guess. Besides, I already make myself enough pillows (hello, I know there’s a bed under there somewhere!).

I’m getting requests for the floor plan pdf, so I know we’ll have some interesting entries to come!

My plan is based on Matt’s need for two sleeping spaces. However, I also think that the child’s room could be converted to a home office, so it really works for both.
Features of my plan:
• a small seating area by the front door, plus a small coat closet, and demilune table by door.
• a 5′ wide gallery/walkway by the windows, with the pocket door to the child’s room/home office on this hallway.
• the hall opens up to a raised living room area in the right front corner with round sofa, ottoman and occasional chair. This allows for great viewing of the city, plus it’s a nice view when walking down the hall.
• the raised seating area is separated from the dining area by a half wall.
• the dining area has a sideboard against the half wall, and a built in media wall with flat screen tv by bathroom door. This wall area also creates a sort of screen, hiding the bathroom door a little bit.
• the kitchen features an L-shape layout, plus a small cafe table and stools. [A note about the kitchen – kitchen design is very tough and detailed, so I think for the purposes of this challenge, we should really gloss over the kitchen design.]
• the master bedroom door is off the dining area. There is a closet to the left as you enter, a bureau and queen size bed with side tables. The wall behind the bed has built in shelves for display.

Since most people won’t be using software to create your plans (which made my job much easier!) I wanted to show a handwritten version of my floor plan. As you can see, it’s pretty rudimentary. But, it’s enough to get the point across! This challenge isn’t about beautiful drawing skills, it’s about space planning and creativity!

Don’t know what I’m talking about, but are curious? Click here.

xoxo Linda

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