Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge -Entries2

Loyal commenter Mumblesalot has sent in her entry!

Mumblesalot says of her space:

“I designed the space to have two bedrooms and to keep the feeling of space a loft gives you. I used pocket doors or paneled screens for all the doors. And I used the kitchen as the main entrance. “

Thanks Mumblesalot!

OK all you lurkers! We have two brave souls who’ve sent their plans out into the universe. Where are yours? I know some of you are still working away, but I’d like more of you to request the plan and give it a go. What do you have to lose? In the end, you don’t have to submit your drawing. And if you do, you’re welcome to do so anonymously – I’ll keep your secret! This is meant to be fun. Let out your inner designer!

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xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge -Entries2”

  1. This is big fun! Loved seeing what Eric3k, Mumbles and the inimitable Linda have done with this challenge. I am working on it myself this weekend. Hope to see more!


  2. I like the idea of pocket doors. I wanted to use them in my closets…but I didn’t know how to draw them with my computor…lol!

    Both you and Eric have a good idea….

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