Courtney Skott

I love when I stumble across an artist while researching products or trends. I just fell over Courtney Skott‘s website while doing research for a post on screens (to come). Based in San Francisco, Courtney trained at the California College of the Arts Wood And Furniture program.

She says of her work “My work evinces the hand-made feel and detailing of studio furniture while maintaining a strong aesthetic relationship with the contemporary design world. I draw from diverse sources of inspiration such as industrial processes, antique forms, traditional textiles and new technology to create multi-layered, conceptual work that is beautiful and ornamental but above all functional.”

As a lover of chandliers, This plywood chandelier really caught my eye.

Here are some other examples of Courtney’s work:

The timeless quality and functional nature of these pieces really speaks to me.

xoxo Linda