Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge -Entries3

Fellow blogger Damselfly is on the job!

Damselfly sent in this description of her beautiful space:

“I chose to follow the idea that this is for me and my family. Since I have a 16 month old son my space will look more like Matt’s than Carisa’s. I started by looking at the windows. My husband and I are light junkies so my goal was to give each room some trace of natural light when possible. With the exception of the hallway, I think I achieved that.

-The entry has a closet and a small seating area. I like the idea of when you walk in you are aware of the “open” in the space even though the actual open space is separate.

-The bedrooms would be completely closed off (floor to ceiling) since in a small space privacy is valuable. I put my son’s bedroom first with a door facing the hallway furthest from the main area to keep the sound down for when you have company that stays past little people’s bedtime.

-I was actually considering lifting the bedrooms a few feet for a couple reasons: 1) I really liked the way it made Carisa’s bedroom appear to have floor to ceiling windows. 2) Having lived in a studio apartment I know storage space for things like toys and Christmas decor is nice.

-I think the rest is self explanatory…a large open living space. The only thing that I added was the pantry/laundry in the back section of the kitchen with a stackable washer/dryer. As a mom…laundry at home is so important but needing a water line it had to be in that kitchen space.

Beyond that I added the furniture to show the layout I was thinking of while planning. It’s a little different from the others…I guess!”

Ohhh… a laundry! I missed that one! Good job Damselfly!

This is turning into a real competition! Keep ’em coming folks!

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xoxo Linda

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