Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge -Entries4

Loyal reader Editor Girl has stepped up to the challenge!

Editor Girl writes:

“I went in the Carissa direction. For myself, I would want one bedroom, a home office, and plenty of cooking and entertaining space. I would also not want to build any fully enclosed rooms into a loft. My drafting skills are limited, so please bear with me.

– I separated the bedroom and office from the public spaces with half-walls (marked with diagonal lines) and by elevating them a couple of steps. Built-in cabinets on the lower side of the half-walls provide further separation and allow for a combination of storage and display. Their height would be such that with cushions on top they could be used as bench seating for a large party. (I indicated these with dots.)

– I repeated the half-wall next to the existing front door to give the suggestion of an entryway, and tucked a small seating area between it and one of the above-mentioned cabinets.

– Across from the front door I put a window seat, which could also be used as a place to set down briefcase, shopping bags, etc. when you first come in.

– To add another functional area along the “south” side without making it an obstacle course, I would put a narrow glass-top table at bar height next to the window – fun as a bar for parties and pleasant as a place to sip coffee in the morning and look out at the view.

– A media console is positioned between the bar area and living room. It would be handy to have it on casters or at least have the television on top be able to swivel to face either the living room or the bar area.

– The diagonal half-wall that separates the office from the living room was my solution to dealing with the structural column in the middle. Better yet, it maximizes views from the office desk and sofa by orienting them toward the corner.

– In the dining area I would use a rectangular table with leaves, so it could be of modest size for everyday use and expanded for entertaining.

– The dining table abuts a partition that screens the bathroom—I’m thinking of something with shelving for decorative objects and maybe a translucent “shoji-screen” backing that would not go all the way to the ceiling.

– I never have enough counter space or room for kitchen items and cookbooks, so I would extend the kitchen zone to include the area next to the closet/pantry, which would need a pocket door for my purposes. I would also place a sideboard at the foot of the steps from the office to partially shield it from the dining area without blocking natural light to it and the rest of the kitchen.”

Thanks EG, you really put a lot of thought into this!

Ok, we’re getting to the point of needing to put a deadline on this puppy. I know of a few others who have requested the floor plans, so please folks, send ’em in!

The deadline for submissions is this Friday, 4/27.

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xoxo Linda

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