Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge -Entries5

SNF in VA has put pen to paper:

She says of her plan:

“I didn’t include furniture placement in the living/dining area in part because I think that is what
makes lofts fun…you can move the furniture around alot.

The wall separating the master bedroom from the living/dining would be a wall of windows, much like those already existing in the loft: that way, during the day, drapes could be pulled open to let all the light in, and at night the drapes would be drawn for privacy. It made the most sense to me to keep the private areas (bedrooms and bath) close to each other…who wants to stumble that far to get to the bathroom during the night? I also tried to create an entry that was a little better defined (a pet peeve of mine is a front door that leads directly into a living space with no sense of transition). I added a half wall to create a hint of separation between the kitchen and the rest of the space without completely closing it off.”

Looks great! I’m loving all the different ideas that are coming in for this one space!

The deadline for submissions is this Friday, 4/27.

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xoxo Linda

2 thoughts on “Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge -Entries5”

  1. I like the way you grouped the bedrooms and kept the living/dining room a large open space, SNF. Love your idea of the windows/curtain between the master bedroom and the public space – a great solution to the light vs. privacy issue.

    BTW, Linda, loved your Screen Caps/Room Dividers post. Good thing I didn’t see it before I submitted my floor plan, or I could have gone even more crazy. 🙂


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