Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge -Entries6

The cat’s meow by Anke:

Anke describes her space:
“I decided to design for myself, my husband and our two cats. (The box next to the couch with a “C” on it is the huge cat stand.)
We do a lot of the following: Read (met while working in a bookstore), Play board games and WoW (an MMORPG). So I had to put in a library…section marked “books” with the idea being that the top of the bookcases would be used for display of knickknacks such as my husbands every growing Lego collection. (honestly, we are both in our late 30’s)

Walking in the front door: table immediately to the right is for keys and mail and stuff. I built out the wall from the library into a coat closet. Directly across from the entrance would be our side by side computer desks. This way, the computer user/s can still be a part of the “action”. (Meaning we don’t miss anything on TV.) To the right of the computer desks is an apartment sized washer/dryer combo unit. Both the coat closet and the “laundry” area have folding doors.

The library area is slightly raised to indicate the different rooms, and the comfy chairs can be turned to participate in the conversation. If we have more guests then the couch and easy chair can accommodate.

The half table built around the support pillar holds the television set, which can be rotated for viewing in either the living room or bedroom.

There is a half wall set between the bedroom and living room. This holds a large aquarium, (yes, I know it is right next to the cat tree) and a dresser on the other side of the wall.

Between the bedroom and the dining area, there is a full wall…with a row of hooks on the bedroom side (clothing, pictures, jewelry, belts whatever) and shelves on the dining room side. There is a low cabinet across the window in the dining room where we would keep our massive board game collection.

I have used the existing closet as a clothing closet, and build it out a bit for extra storage purposes.

That’s it! Except now I kind of want this.”
We can always dream, Anke!

The deadline for submissions is tomorrow Friday, 4/27. So, hurry up all you stragglers! 🙂

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