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Rob O’C has slipped his entry in under the wire:

Rob describes his plan:
“In designing the floor plan, I wanted to incorporate lots of walkways. I don’t like rooms that have only one access or where you find yourself at a dead end. I also like a feeling of space and openness with clean lines with a minimum amount of furniture or accessories. Because there is very little wall space, color in the loft would come from accent pieces with the primary larger furniture pieces being of a more neutral color. The color palette for the loft would be centered on taupe, red, and green. Hardwood floors throughout with throw rugs. The loft was designed for me and my partner.

The front door area needed a closet which is big enough to be used for both storage and for coats. I wanted to keep the area in front of all the windows clear of furniture so you are able to walk almost the entire window perimeter. In the hallway leading to the living room I’ve added a bookcase to break up the length of the hall. From the top of the bookcase to the ceiling there will be glass block to allow light into the bedroom.

I wanted an open study area with no doors so that you get a feeling of more space and also light from the windows. The plan is for a desk to wrap around three sides and to have shelves/storage above.

The bedroom is spacious with a large walk-in closet. Bookcases are added to soften the room, give it a cozier feel, and to allow for a flat screen TV to be placed out of the way. The furnishings would be simple – namely a bed, dresser, night tables, and bench/storage at the foot of the bed. No doors in the bedroom so that it cannot be closed off but the bookcase wall adds enough privacy. As mentioned above, from the top of the bookcase to the ceiling would be glass block to let light into this area.

I wanted the main living area to be where most of the windows and light is. A flat screen TV would be on the wall adjoining the bedroom. Furniture placement would be in the center of the room so that you would be able to walk the perimeter of the living room. Furniture would consist of an L-shaped sofa, side tables, coffee table, and side chair and possibly some large vases, plants, or wooden statues to fill in corners or empty spaces.

Raised a step-up from the living room, the dining room would consist of a simple 5’ square table angled 45 degrees to the square of the dining room area. A glass block wall would separate the dining area from the bathroom, creating a more airy and light feel, more like a window than a solid wall.

I wanted to create a place where friends could sit while dinner was being prepared or where an informal breakfast or lunch could take place. Used a center Island so that there would be a continuous pathway around the kitchen (remember, I don’t like dead ends). I’ve angled the island and two of the wall to give some interest. Near the dining room, I’ve recessed the food refrigerator and the wine refrigerator. They are a little more removed from the rest of the kitchen than I would like but… The rest of the kitchen would consist of a sink, stove top, recessed wall oven and microwave, and a small shelf nook for cookbooks. Storage would be under and over the counter, under the island, and over the major appliances.”

Looks great Rob! [Let me divulge that Rob is a close friend/client of mine.] Rob, a taupe, red and green color palette? Quel surprise!
OK kids. This thing is wrapping up! Anyone else? You have till midnight tonight, EST, at which point I’m posting the poll and the voting will begin!
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xoxo Linda

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