Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge – Cast Your Vote!

Well, I’m thrilled with the response to this little constest! Eight fabulous entries – all very different. I think it really shows that there are many options when it comes to space planning.

And now is the time to vote, America! (how American Idol!)


Remember, we’re voting on the space plan alone, not the artwork. So, give some thought to each plan (you can click through to their original posts with plan descriptions, you can also click on each image to get a larger view) and make your selection at the bottom of this post.

The voting period ends on Wednesday, May 2nd.

The winner receives a custom made-to-order designer pillow, made by me.

Check out Eric3000’s plan here:

Check out Mumblesalot’s plan here:

Check out Damselfly’s plan here:

Check out Editor Girl’s plan here.

Check out SNF in VA’s plan here.

Check out Anke’s plan here.

Check out Rob O’C’s plan here.
Check out Chelsea‘s plan here.


And the winner is…
Editor Girl
Rob O’C
Chelsea free polls

Oh, and feel free to comment below on what it was that swayed you towards your favorite space. Maybe it was a bedroom with windows, or a cocoon-like bedroom, or storage, or multi-levels…

Click here for contest information and instructions and links to all entries to date.
Click here to see my floor plan.
Click here to see all Top Design posts.

xoxo Linda

8 thoughts on “Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge – Cast Your Vote!”

  1. I removed my previous comment. Too many spelling mistakes!

    I found exciting design ideas in every one of these excellent entries and making a decision was extremely hard. Let’s just say that my final decision was based on two criteria: the space had to be open and flow freely, and the loft had to have two bedrooms. “Nuff said.

  2. Great job on all the entries! For the 2 bedroom ones, damselfly’s is my favorite and it was actually very similar to what I came up with (though I didn’t submit mine). In my plan, I too had fully enclosed rooms because privacy is nice sometimes. I added in windows to the top of the wall–sort of like transom windows–so that the rooms would still feel open and light. I also toyed with putting glass doors with light curtains in the BR that could be closed for privacy or frosted glass on the door to keep the light, open feel.

    The other thing I did was make the kitchen door the main one and put a small office at the other entryway near the child’s bedroom.

  3. Oh my, the competition is heating up. Editor Girl started off strong, but now, Danselfly is catching up. What a comeback! May the best person win.

  4. a walk-off like Project Runway?

    If there’s a tie, then I’ll be busy making pillows!!

    Getting down to the wire! I plan on taking a screen shot of the results page of the poll right at midnight!

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