Gracious dining on the water

I met some friends for dinner tonight at the lovely Atlantica Restaurant, which is part of the Cohasset Harbor Resort. We were there early, so I was able to get some nice photos without disturbing other guests. Located on the picturesque Cohasset Harbor in Massachusetts, Atlantica is one of my favorite places to eat. The … Read more

Crumpled things

Perhaps it’s because my office trash bin is overflowing, but I got to thinking about “crumpled” products. Is it trash or treasure? Vase of Phases by Dror Benshetrit Crumpled building by Thomas Heatherwick Crumpled paperweight and lamp from US Revol crumpled large tumbler from Amazon UK Crumpled bins from Design My World I need … Read more

Top Design – The REAL Final Challenge -Entries

Alrighty, I wanted to get the ball rolling with my plan for Sante Fe loft challenge. Since I’m the host of this event, my plan isn’t in competition. I’m in exhibition, I guess. Besides, I already make myself enough pillows (hello, I know there’s a bed under there somewhere!). I’m getting requests for the floor … Read more

Green Day – How Green Is It?

Metropolitan Home magazine online has an interesting section on green design in furnishings. What exactly is a green product? It’s a maze of questions, answers and more questions. Click here to find out more and what makes these furnishings below green.

Green Day – Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Co.

Martha Stewart includes a recipe for environmentally friendly milk paint in her magazine this month. It involves lemons, milk, curds and whey – all too Little Miss Muffet for me. For those looking for an environmentally friendly paint (no VOC’s) that’s translucent yet saturated, milk paint is a great choice. The Old Fashioned Milk Paint … Read more

Room for Improvement – Measure twice cut once

It’s a rainy day today – perfect for spreading out in the dining room and sewing window treatments! Here are the fabrics that we’re using in my client’s master bedroom. As previously posted, I’m making simple tri-color panels. The first cut is always the hardest! Click here to view all Room for Improvement posts.

Lofty ambitions – Universal design

There’s a fabulous article by architecture critic Robert Campbell today’s BOSTON GLOBE about a urban loft space designed for a wheelchair bound homeowner. The loft space, designed by architect Brad Walker of the firm Ruhl Walker, is sleek and contemporary and most importantly, functional and comfortable for anyone who might live there. The concept of … Read more

Missoni Madness

I love the riotous patterns and colors that are so associated with the Missoni brand. For over 50 years, this family empire, founded by husband and wife Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, has been producing their signature garments. They have since branched out into the home market and in the next year, three Missoni Hotels will … Read more

Faux Bois is everywhere

I’ve been collecting these images of faux bois (false wood) furnishings and accessories for a while. We’re seeing such items all over the place these days and I decided I’d reached critical mass and needed to put them up in a post. Many original faux bois items made of concrete and used for outdoor furnishings. … Read more

Top Design – My dream room?

After all these weeks, I finally got around to creating my room on the Bravo website. Click the link to vote for me! Check back later on tonight for my recap of the conclusion of Top Design. Will it be Carisa or Matt?