Travel Tuesday – Amsterdam

Welcome to the land of tulips, windmills and wooden shoes. Legal drugs, the Anne Frank House, and canals. Clearly, something for everyone in Holland.

Design wunderkind Marcel Wanders had his way with the Lute Suites in Ouderkerk, Holland.

Housed in a 15th century monastery, the KruisherenHotel in Maastricht makes use of traditional forms, contemporary design and artistic vision.

The Dylan Amsterdam Hotel is vibrant yet traditional.

Have you ever been to Holland? Any stories to tell?

xoxo Linda

9 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Amsterdam”

  1. I have been to Holland several times. I am also Dutch by heritage so it holds a special place in my heart. I love to go two different times a year… when the tulips are in bloom and at Chtistmas time.

    I studied the Dutch master painters while in college. I also have a love for contemporary dutch design. Some of the furniture showrooms and boutiques in Rotterdam and Amsterdam will blow you away.

    You would also never believe what you can find dumpster-diving in Amsterdam. I was on holiday and it was move-out day for someone. I was gutted that I was hours and a train ride from home because some of that roadside treasure would have been in my home otherwise.

  2. I’ve never been (on my expanding list!), but all the people I’ve know who’ve ever been there on vacation, or lived there, just love it. Very artistic and cultured, and the men are so tall! I think I heard they are the tallest country in the world? Ever Dutch person I’ve ever met was at least 6′.

  3. 5’10” but I’m mixed with Irish… so it could have gone either way for me since the Irish are probably the shortest, or close.

  4. Dahlings, I’m 5’5″ tall and as Dutch as they come, with round face, blonde hair, and a personality that’s so out there and accepting of others, that I’m a danger to every conservative who’s ever lived.

    I adore The Netherlands. My nieces live in Maastricth, a splendid medieval town in the south (Jinxy has probably been there). We usually stay with relatives when we are there. We love walking along the ancient ruined walls, and visit the stalls on market day in the quaint town square. St. Servaas is the patron saint of that city. If one were to gather all the splintered bones of that revered personage, I believe our saint would be 20 feet tall.

    More on the Netherlands later. I loved this post, as it took me down memory lane.

  5. well, see what happens when you stereotype! I’ve been enamored with more than one tall Dutch fellow, so fantasize they are all the same! But, shorter is good too!

  6. Actually, a recent study indicated that on average the Dutch are among the tallest people in Europe. Must be from munching on fabulous cheese, maatjes haring, and paling. I am rather short for a Dutch person. My cousins are at least 2 inches taller.

  7. I have, in fact, been to Maastricht. I have been 3 times, in fact. It is a gorgeous place. A friend of mine was engaged to a man from there, and he would invite all of us up to his parents’ house for get-togethers and I was always just enamoured with the town.

    You have some lucky cousins to live there full-time.

    I’m missing Luxembourg lately.

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