Room for Improvement – Pillows and more pillows!

I’ve been busy at the sewing machine this week!
This lovely small plaid with trim adds a touch of elegance to the mix while…
this cute little striped pillow, made from the window treatment fabrics, introduces all the colors of our palette.

The headboard should be finished soon and we’re heading in the final stretches of the project. Final accessories, a couple of additional pillows (of course!) and then it’s time to install and film for broadcast on WHDH!

Click here to see this entire project in progress!

xoxo Linda

2 thoughts on “Room for Improvement – Pillows and more pillows!”

  1. Thanks moi;)! I get my fabrics from all different vendors, but these particular ones are all Robert Allen. If you click on the Room For Improvement label and scroll down, you’ll see all the individual fabric information.

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