Top Design – Congratulations! And the prize goes to…

Congratulations! It’s a tie!

You have both won a custom designed and made pillow! We’ll chat about what you’d like!

Special thanks to Eric3000 for his help working on the basic floor plan and to everyone who participated by entering and voting and to those who helped promoted this little contest.

xoxo Linda

9 thoughts on “Top Design – Congratulations! And the prize goes to…”

  1. This was really fun, and the voting was exciting. A tie! Perfect. Thanks Linda for your hard work on this idea and to ALL of the entrants.

  2. Yes, congratulations to everyone for a job well done. Oh, Linda, you sure know how to please your readership. Keep up the good work.

  3. Congratulations to Damselfly and Editor Girl for their winning designs, to all the participants for their great ideas, and to Linda for hosting such a fun challenge!

  4. Congrats to Editor Girl and Damselfly! Everyones designs were so fantastic in this. So many new ideas!

  5. Thanks Linda…this has been fun.

    I thought the ideas would all be close but it is truly amazing what you can do inside a loft space…endless possibilities.

    Oh yah and I don’t think I’ve ever won anything….yay me!

    and congratulations Editor Girl!

  6. Well, who’d have thunk it? Like you, Damselfly, I never win anything.

    It really was a lot of fun, and I got good ideas from all the submissions. In fact, you all may have inspired me to get back to some of my own redecorating projects (including an “anti-loft” challenge—-renovating the windowless rec room in my basement). I bet you’d all have great suggestions I never thought of for that!

    Anyway, thanks again to the wonderful Linda for hosting this! Congrats, Damselfly! And thanks, everyone!

  7. You all did a splendid job. I enjoyed watching the contest unfold and seeing the results. Thanks, Linda. That was fun. And thanks designers. That took a lot of time and effort.

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