Meet the Artist: Ron Blunt, Architectural Photographer

I was doing research on the recent opening to the public of Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan, CT and came across the familiar work of photographer Ron Blunt. To say his work is amazing in an understatement. I think that architectural photography is extremely tricky because it’s all about capturing the three dimensional life of the built-environment in a two dimensional format.

Interiors of Philip Johnson’s Glass House, New Canaan, CT

Other structures on the compound in New Canann

The “Bunker” Art Gallery

The “Ghost House”


Interior of the guest house


Philip Johnson’s office/studio

Ron Blunt, photographer

Ron was kind enough to share some of his beautiful work with us. His work often appears in national and international publications and his photography is regularly and successfully used by architects for awards submissions. His fine art background blends effectively with sharply honed skills in lighting and new photographic technologies that are constantly fed and refreshed by each new project he undertakes. Ron says “The marriage of art and craft enables me to approach each photographic project as a story waiting to be told. Whether shooting a historic home, an individual within an environment, or a vast landscape, I aim to place the viewer into a personal relationship with the subject while maintaining context and dramatic presence”.

I had a couple of questions for Ron.

Q. What inspired you to take up photography?
A. Well, growing up in England I was inspired by the photography in “The Times” and “Observer” Sunday newspaper magazine supplements. I was fascinated by the way in which photographic essays were able, in that format, to tell a story with a clarity and insight unattainable in the text. I remember distinctly the impact of the Vietnam war photography of that era and how it altered our perspective on that conflict by revealing the physical and emotional reality of war. At the same time, I was drawn to the simple power of portraiture in those same magazines. The “Observer”Sunday newspaper had a regular feature called “A Room of my Own” on the last page of the magazine which was a photograph of some well known person in their favorite room, an environmental portrait, I think I can trace my love of shooting architecture and interiors to that very feature in that publication. As chance would have it, today I shoot regularly for the Washingtonian Magazine who have a regular spot called “My Space” a page featuring some notable Washingtonian in their most loved room, I have been amused to shoot for that spot a couple of times.

Q. Can you share one tip that will help the amateur photographers among us take better photos?
A. Sometimes the only difference between a professional and amateur is the time and care taken to get a shot. I will often take 2 – 3 hours to get one interior shot. Now that we can instantly review our shots on our digital screens there is no excuse not to come away with the best shot, so just shoot until you are happy, it’s only pixels!

Thanks Ron!

Well, there may be a couple of more things that separate the amateur and professional than just time…

(all photography is courtesy of Ron Blunt, Photography, and cannot be used without the express permission of Mr. Blunt).

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