Why I live here: The view from the front door

It was seven years ago right around now that I called the real estate agent about the condo for sale in this beautiful wooded area of my town. I’d grown up here and moved away, from city apartment to city apartment, then up to the North Shore. But the lure of friends and family had me house hunting back in the area. Nothing was very appealing and the photo the real estate agent showed me of the front door of this condo was definately not very appealing. But, I was driving by and figured I’d check out the neighborhood.

Moral: Don’t judge books, or condos, by their front doors alone.

xoxo Linda

1 thought on “Why I live here: The view from the front door”

  1. Just lovely. There are places that speak to our hearts, and I can certainly see why yours called you. In my instance it is the river. I am struck by how far “behind” the northern states are with spring. In our part of Virginia, the azaleas are beyond their prime, and the lilies are gaining fast, getting ready to burst into bloom at the start of June.

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