Apartment Therapy’s Smallest Coolest

AT has started posting the finalists in their 2007 Smallest Coolest apartments contest. These places are so amazing, they make me want to downsize from my 1200 sq. ft. condo to 600 sq. ft.

OK, not really. But they do prove what I always say about homeowners. If they would just buy a smaller house, they could afford to fill it with beautiful furnishings. Instead, we get McMansion dwellers who have large empty homes that have no personality or soul.

Now these places have soul…

AT readers have selected four finalists from four regions of the country. A panel of judges will select the winners. These above are the first group from around the country.

Which is your favorite? Mine is the top photo – while not my color palette, I think it’s so fresh and beautiful, all in LESS than 300 sq. ft!

xoxo Linda

1 thought on “Apartment Therapy’s Smallest Coolest”

  1. I love the top one too! The blue and lime is just so fresh and crisp and so spring appropriate (perhaps that’s why we are drawn to it!).
    I am loving this contest! So inspiring…

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