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The Boston Design Center is sponsoring its first decorator show house, which opened at the beginning of the month. Located on the 6th floor of the building, nine rooms were assigned to nine of the regions best know design firms who created their spaces from the luxury goods available at the showrooms. (note to BravoTV’s Top Design producers – this is what we wanted to see, or a reasonable 2 day facsimile thereof). The showhouse is free to the public but donations benefiting the new Institute of Contemporary Art are being accepted.

The BDC will launch a full scale website on May 18th which will showcase and sell the furnishings, fabrics and accessories used in these spaces.

I had the place to myself one day last week and had the freedom to wander through and take photos of a few of the rooms.

This is the living room, designed by Mollie Johnson of Molly Johnson Interiors of Wellesley, MA

The Music Gallery was designed by Jean Verbridge and Thaddeus Siemasko of Siemasko + Verbidge, located in Beverly, MA

Grand piano’s are well named, aren’t they?

The Library was designed by Michael Carter of Carter & Co., Boston, MA

I loved the juxtaposition of the formality of the deep toned wall treatment and burled woods with the comfy nature of the ticking stripes on the matched chaises. While a little stagy (hard to avoid that), it still felt like a room one might like to nap..err… read in.

The Kitchen was designed by Paul J. Noel, Paul J. Noel Designs

This kitchen was surprisingly contemporary – very different from the rest of the rooms. The rich colors and textures made the space feel old world and new century, all at the same time. I particularly liked the window art. This is something that could be replacated in many different materials – a great way to obscure a less than wonderful view, while warming the quality of light.

The Bedroom was designed by Alan Reniere, Alan Reniere Interiors and Meryl Santopietro, Meryl Santopietro Interiors, both of Providence, RI.

The relatively monochromatic color palette is enlivened by the subtle textures and stripes – from the grasscloth walls, canopy gathers to the pillows.

I just loved the interplay of texture between the
silk lamp shade and the grasscloth wallpaper.

These were my favorite spaces, but there is also a dining room, bathroom, sitting room and foyer. Worth the trip, if you’re in the area.

Would I say it is the “ultimate” design installation? No, I guess I wouldn’t. There are lots of designer show houses around here each year and each one is usually just as beautiful and just as safe. That the furnishings will all be available for sale under one roof is a bonus. But, I would have loved to see something really outside our box here – like crazy wall papers or a bolder color palette. These rooms were designed to sell.

Would you buy?

Photography by Linda Merrill

xoxo Linda

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  1. I love the grasscloth wall paper and have been thinking about doing that in my daughters room on the ceiling to add some texture/depth. Her room has high ceilings. I was wondering what you think and what color grasscloth you used?

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