Travel Tuesday – W Hotels Spanning the Globe

I thought this week we’d focus on a single hotel chain – The W Hotels. They don’t seem to have room photos available, but lots of ambience shots of their lobbys and lounge areas. Do we see any through-lines in the interior design? Or better, any regional connections?

W Chicago, City Center

W Seoul, Walkerhill

W Honolulu, Diamond Head

W Seattle, Washington

W Hotel, French Quarter, New Orleans

W Hotel, Times Square, New York City

W Montreal, Canada

What’s your favorite? Mine is New Orleans – loving those chandeliers!

xoxo Linda

5 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – W Hotels Spanning the Globe”

  1. I had the best olives in my life in the lounge of the W in Sydney (apparently no longer a W; now called Hotel Blue Woolloomooloo Bay Sydney). We didn’t stay there; just met people in the lounge, which was about the size of an airplane hanger. It was pretty cool!

  2. It sounds cool Eric! I love when you can say “I had the best xx” in a particular place. For me, I had the best glass of merlot I’ve ever had at the Marquette Hotel in Minneapolis. Funny, to think of that. And I never wrote down the brand!

    Peak of Chic – I think the Seoul photos are pretty neat too.

    Ms. Place – yes, that wild wood grain is pretty fantastic!

  3. My favorite is Montreal, Canada. I had stayed there couple of days & really fascinated with their services. However experience of getting accommodation in hotels are not a bad experience for me.

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