My dream home

Yes, I think I’ve found it. My dream home. The perfect chateau in the French countryside. I found this on The New York Times website. Click here to read about the homeowners – American John Rossant and Italian Antonella Caruso – and their dream home in northern France.

Meanwhile, here are a few pics to enjoy. More are available on the Times website.

Well, truthfully, my REAL dream house would be this place, just scaled down in half. Still large enough to feel like a medieval princess, but no so big as to be overwhelming.

Hey, a girl can dream…

All photos courtesy Richard Harbus for The New York Times

xoxo Linda

5 thoughts on “My dream home”

  1. Zee French, ze are zo French amd zophisticated! We visited chateaus in the Loire Valley. C’est magnifique! This post reminds me of that fab visit.

  2. Oh, isn’t this fantastic!! I did a whole thing on French kitchens a little while back, but just like you’re showing, authentic kitchens from France, not the U.S! It’s ALL about STYLE!! Beautiful!

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